Welcome to the Shawshank

You have arrived at the site of the Top Ranked Disc Golf Course in Southeast Texas located just outside of Huntsville.

Here we have a unique recreational destination duly named by the owning DuFrane family and satirically themed after famous and infamous criminal and penal references due to its proximity to the State Prison.

But make no mistake, playing disc golf is not a crime unless it’s a crime of passion and you miss the opportunity to play at Shawshank, then you are guilty.

Disc golf it is a goal oriented walk through the freedom of Mother Nature. Technically, as in traditional golf, the lowest score wins; but at Shawshank, the most fun wins.

Experience Shawshank, you won’t want to escape.

Open to the Public (Reservations Required)

Group Activities, Corporate Outings and Private Parties Welcomed

Warden’s Steakhouse and Disc Golf Days